MALTESAS as Main Sponsor for Karnival FTMK, UTeM on 27-28 April 2016

Wednesday, 4 – Recently from 27 to 28 April 2016, the first time for the first karnival held at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FTMK), Technical University of Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Carnival Carnival is named and themed FTMK “ICT: Empowering Togetherness”, was held on campus in faculty FTMK UTeM fixed it itself and it has got a rousing welcome on campus and among citizens the surrounding community.

FTMK carnival was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation The Honourable Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Bin Mohamad Diah. In the success of this carnival for Scientists first time the Malaysian Technical Association (MALTESAS), an organization academic and non-governmental organizations has become a major sponsor of the carnival program The. According to the President MALTESAS, it shows that MALTESAS always uphold and fully supports the program patterned on the scientific program at among universities in Malaysia and abroad as planning towards globalization and hopefully many more programs are programs that will be donated Scientific by MALTESAS in the future.

MALTESAS Besides, there are also a number of corporate entities and medium-sized companies who also menyubang in the success of the carnival program. At the end of the carnival program The Dean FTMK itself acting as the patron of the program say thousands
thanks to donors and hope that many more organizations NGOs, bodies corporate and medium-sized companies perform together Scientific contribute to each program to be implemented in UTeM, especially in FTMK.

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